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Be Controlled by Christ love Part 1

July 11, 2015

For the love of Christ controls us, since we have concluded this, that Christ died for all; therefore all have died. 2 Corinthians 5:14

Have you wondered why some believers act the way they do, why their actions do not correlate with what they profess?

We might not be too far from diagnosing this malady prognosis. It has been discovered that the absence of fatherly love, usually has an adverse effect on the child. Children who lack such, might end up doing the wrong things and going down the wrong path.
Research has shown that these children can be uncontrollable and a good number actually end up in prison. It has also been noticed that upon questioning them, they lacked a sense of their father’s love. Even if he was physically present, the absence of his influence on their lives was noticeable. This can also apply to believers who do wrong deeds. They don’t sense the love that Christ has for them; it’s not the sense of their love for Christ; but that which He has for them.

We sometimes ask for the strength and ability to love Christ. But what we should really be asking for, is the ability to have a full consciousness of the love that He has lavished on us. You have to know beloved that Christ loves you so dearly. Allow this knowledge overwhelm and overshadow your full existence. And He doesn’t love you based on what you have done or will do; His love is unconditional, no pre-requisites. Christ loves you.
*To be continued*

Prayer: Thank you Lord for Your unconditional love. I am fully conscious of its magnitude. Amen

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