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August 4, 2015

The people will no longer quote this proverb: ‘The parents have eaten sour grapes, but their children’s mouths pucker at the taste. Jeremiah 31:29

When Jesus cried out “it is finished” on the cross, He really meant it. No believer needs to finish the rest through series of deliverance sessions. The hebrew word for “it is finished” is “kulletah”, meaning the work is completed and needs no more additions. Jesus did not give to us the kind of salvation that needs any effort or input from man.

In Ephesians 2:8; “for by grace are you saved (greek word “sozo”), through faith, not of yourself least any man should boast, it is the gift of God”. The word “sozo” is from the compound noun “soteria” which means saved, healed, delivered, preserved etc. Your deliverance is complete and provided for, by the finished work of Christ. He bore all your sins, sickness, sorrows, shame, guilt and curses in His body. So what do you need to enjoy all the benefits that Jesus provided? Just believe in His finished work. If the word of God says Jesus took all your curses away, you have to believe it.

Have you noticed any particular kind of illness or habit in your family, that seems to be plaguing you? Running from one deliverance house to another won’t help; it’s time to believe on what Jesus did for you. See Jesus taking all the pain away in His body and see His grace purging you from that addiction. Beloved, receive all that Jesus has made available to you.
*to be continued*

Prayer: I receive all that Christ has made available to me in salvation. I believe, in Jesus name.

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