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I AM! Stop being afraid!

November 3, 2015

But instantly He spoke to them, saying, Take courage! I AM! Stop being afraid! Matthew 14:27 AMP

Beloved, when we go through troubles and face storms, we might feel that the Lord is far from us. The disciples saw the One who was able to save them and turn their lives around but they didn’t recognise Him. Their perception of Jesus was wrong; they felt He was a ghost and screamed out in fear.

Saints, Jesus was not there to frighten them, He was there to save them from the storm. Whenever we go through negative situations, our natural mind might make us feel or think that God sent the storm our way to teach us a lesson. When the disciples faced similar situations, immediately Jesus came to them and said “I AM”. When you have the consciousness that the great “I AM” is always with you and He cares, fear will disappear.

After the disciples acknowledged that it was Jesus, Peter started doing supernatural things like walking on water. And when they got back into the boat, they got to their destination immediately. When you recognise that the great “I AM” cares, reaching your desired destination is sure. Jesus is saying to you today; “I AM!, stop being afraid”.

Prayer: Because Jesus is my Great “I AM”, I have no fear of the present or the future. For my tomorrow is sure in You.

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