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Saved Unto Eternity Part 1

August 21, 2015

Who by God’s power are being guarded through faith for a salvation ready to be revealed in the last time. 1 Peter 1:5

In the first verse(1 Peter 1:1), Peter referred to believers as strangers, telling them that they were aliens in this world. Beloved, you have to live with this consciousness of being a stranger. Just like aliens in the movies who might be unaware of their powers at first. But as time goes by, they either become aware or are told who they really are and the inherent ability they possess. They find out that they can do extraordinary things, just by acknowledging who they are.

Beloved, you are not ordinary, you are supernatural. You are born of God and now possess eternal life. You are not saved for a short duration, but eternally. Just like an alien, you have to be conscious of this fact and you will begin to become all that God has made you to be. But many times, the devil tries to take our focus away from this truth, so that we place importance on natural occurrences and the physical.

The enemy also uses insecurity to rob us of the full benefit of who we are in Christ Jesus. He says to you, “once you fall short or fail, you lose fellowship with your Daddy God”. This has affected many believers and they accept defeat continually. But once you are fully aware that our Daddy God has said that He will never leave nor forsake you(Hebrews 13:5), that nothing can be able to seperate you from the love of God(Romans 8:38), you’ll begin to exude all your alien characteristics.*To be continued*

Prayer: Thank You Daddy God for nothing can separate me from the love You have for me. I am conscious of this and I become all You have made me to be. Amen

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