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Saved Unto Eternity Part 2

August 22, 2015

Who by God’s power are being guarded through faith for a salvation ready to be revealed in the last time. 1 Peter 1:5

When we were first saved, it was emphasized that this was by grace through faith and not of ourselves. But later, the main message changes: we have to maintain this salvation by human effort and self-righteousness. Saints, salvation is not of yourself, it’s the gift of God. In our text Peter is saying, “for those who are born again are kept/guarded/garrisoned by the power of God, for a salvation that is ready to be revealed (paraphrased)”. This means that when you are born again, the dunamis(inherent power) of God keeps you. The greek word for keep or guard is the word “Phroureo”, used in the military: it describes the guarding performed by sentries. It also means paying close attention to something. Beloved, the power of God guards and pays close attention to you.

This garrison is that which cannot be defeated. This is a garrison of the Most High God, His powerful military keeps you. 1 Peter 1:4; “with this eternal life we have an inheritance that is uncorruptible, undefiled and that fadeth not away, reserved in heaven for us”. Beloved, if you already have your inheritance kept for you, which demon in hell is able to stop you? The truth is, you cannot stop yourself from getting the inheritance once it’s been reserved for you.

It’s too late beloved, to have this inheritance revoked once you are born again. This is the truth of the gospel. This will not give believers the license to sin; because if you know how much God loves you and He went all the way to save you, it will empower you to live for Him. When Jesus gave the woman caught in adultery the gift of no condemnation, He empowered her to go and sin no more. The “go and sin no more” wasn’t a command, but an empowerment. The pharisees who caught her couldn’t condemn. But Jesus who could condemn her because He had no sin, didn’t because He loves to save. Beloved Jesus loves you and has secured you, in His hands.

Prayer: Thank You Lord Jesus for holding me securely, in Your hands. I know You’ve saved me to the uttermost.

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