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Stop Feeling Guilty Part 1

October 1, 2015

Dear friends, if we don’t feel guilty, we can come to God with bold confidence. 1 John 3:31 NLT

Beloved, grace gives us the confidence to come before our Father without any sense of guilt or condemnation. The devil’s tool against the believer is to make him feel guilty about past doings. This guilt causes them to feel they haven’t been forgiven; that He still holds those sins against them. This can cause depression that could lead to irrational behaviour.

When you are conscious that God has forgiven your sins and wiped the slate clean forever, it gives us the confidence to come to the Father. Once a believer has the confidence to approach the throne of grace, his life is transformed from glory to glory. Sin no longer has a hold because he/she is under grace. The more righteousness conscious a believer is, the more he/she lives rightly.

Our Father does not want us living in guilt, beloved. Stop feeling guilty over that abortion, divorce or failure. It might have been your fault but it doesn’t matter now. God has wiped your slate clean; enjoy His forgiveness. He does not impute sin to the believer (Romans 4:8). When our Father looks at you, all He sees is His workmanship created in righteousness. Stand on Jesus’ finished work today and cast out the guilt.

Prayer: Thank You my daddy God for the gift of non-imputation of sin. I live my life free from every guilt of the past, in Jesus Name.

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