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The Gift of Grace Part 3

September 2, 2015

For by grace you are saved through faith, and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God Ephesians 2:8 NET

People have a hard time understanding that grace is a free gift. With their lips they affirm that grace is a gift, but with their motives and actions they act the opposite. Grace is the unmerited favour of our Daddy God and it has nothing to do with what you’ve done right or wrong. It’s a gift, that has no hidden charge behind it. When you receive the unmerited favour of God, He doesn’t wait for a while, and then starts to place a demand on the free gift He gave to you. Many people make statements like, God gives you His grace and places a demand on the grace that He gave to you. Even though the statement might sound nice and has all the right intentions, it doesn’t make it right.

God has no hidden agenda for giving you His free gift. He doesn’t place a demand on you. This statement creates a demand mentality in the believer and they would want to genuinely satisfy the demands of God. Beloved, always have the mind, that God never demands, He is the one who supplies. The greater supplies and the lesser demands. The reason why preachers always use this word, “God is placing a demand on you”, is because they try to use their human ideologies and thinking to define God.

God’s gift of grace is totally free, but once you receive this free gift, it causes you to reign in life, it changes you and makes a victor out of  you. The gift is free and also very active. What is it that you are facing today? Lay hold on the grace of God that is available to you today. Have you found yourself fall over and over into a particular sin, or an addiction is plaguing you? There is great hope for you beloved, because where there is sin, God’s free gift of grace is over and super-abounding. Receive the supply of God’s grace for a change in the situation. It will not be you making the change by your own self effort, but it will be His unmerited favour, working in and through you.

Prayer: Lord i receive the super-abounding supply of your free grace for my life everyday.

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