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Your First Love Part 3

September 25, 2015

Nevertheless I have this against you, that you have left your first love. Revelation 2:4

If believers can change their mindsets about God’s love for them, it will change the way they act. Everyone knows that God loves the world, but many don’t know that He loves them specially. Some even think that something extraordinary has to be done, for Him to turn His face towards them. Some think that God is like our earthly father, who has favourites. But this isn’t true: God loves us all equally, He has no favourites in the new covenant.

Believers ought to be aware that God loves them, just as He loved Jesus (John 17:23). After our Lord and Saviour died and rose again, He was no longer the only begotten and beloved of the Father, He became the first born amongst many. Whenever the devil tries to fill your heart with guilt, condemnation or fear, remind him that you are not just a child of God, you are also beloved of God.

An in-depth understanding of this love is necessary, so that we can stop chasing shadows; the more one tries to “catch” them, the more they slip through one’s hands. The first real thing is not the love you have for God, but that which He has for you. Return to His love, receive it. He wants to heal that broken heart, marriage, career etc. You know that you can always trust and depend on Him.

Prayer: Thank You daddy God for I am Your beloved. I return to Your love: I receive it in Jesus’ name.

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